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Anger Management

At the Oakwood Center, we help individuals struggling with issues around anger and anger management with a nine-pronged approach:

1.  Assessment of the difficulties with anger management, taking into account personal and family history, as well as environmental, physical and intrapsychic issues.

2.  Screening for substance abuse which may be contributing to the problem with anger management.

3.  Screening for the presence of mood disorders that may be contributing to the anger problem.

4.  Screening for the presence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which can give rise to problems with self-regulation and anger management.

5.  Teaching a progressive relaxation / meditation technique that, combined with some specific visualizations, can quickly begin to give the client a sense of control over what has been experienced as out-of-control anger.

6.  Teaching conflict resolution and communication techniques that help the individual to reduce frustration and get his or her needs met without resorting to angry outbursts.

7.  Exploring aspects of family and social history that may have contributed to the anger management issue.

8.  Exploring unconscious conflicts that may be contributing to the anger management problem.

9.  If appropriate, referrals for consideration of the use of psychotropic medication can be made.

The 4 “Appropriates”

We help people who lose control of their anger learn to recognize, tolerate, and express their anger in an appropriate manner, at an appropriate time, with the appropriate person, to an appropriate degree.

People who have problems with explosive anger are often so frightened of loss of control over their anger that they suppress and repress even subtle forms of anger, such as frustration and mild annoyance. They clamp a lid on the proverbial boiling kettle, allowing internal pressure to build and build. Eventually, some relatively small trigger leads to a full-blown explosion – harming their relationships and further frightening themselves.

When they calm down, they may be remorseful and beg forgiveness. But, in the meantime, they have re-validated for themselves how very toxic and dangerous their anger is. They resolve to exert even greater efforts to keep their anger under wraps, thereby promoting a vicious cycle of suppression of appropriate anger, and build-up of inner tension, leading to further inappropriate explosions. We can help people extract themselves from such vicious circles, and help them find healthier ways of dealing with their anger.

Therapy in Westchester County
The Oakwood Center was established in White Plains in 1977, serving Westchester County, NY

Therapy in Northern Westchester, NY
Oakwood Center has a second office in Pound Ridge, NY, also in Westchester County close to Bedford NY, New Canaan and Stamford CT. Directed by Marvin Markowitz, Ph.D. and Roberta Markowitz, LCSW, the Pound Ridge office offers therapy and counseling among other services in northern Westchester County.

Individual Therapy
Many individuals seek therapy because of worries about different aspects of their lives that are affecting them adversely. They may be concerned about difficulties at work, school or business and relationships. They may feel anxious, sad or depressed regarding any number of problems, such as loss of a partner, wife or husband, trauma, alcohol and substance abuse, or other addictions. They may be concerned about their own irrational behavior, or the irrational or difficult behavior of a family member, friend or coworker. Sometimes anger is a major problem for individuals and treatment for anger management can be helpful.

Therapy for Children
Children and adolescents are often troubled by a variety of problems for which parents may seek help. Many problems become evident in the course of school. A child or adolescent may have difficulty paying attention in class, forget or avoid homework, not study for exams, unduly procrastinate, or act up in inappropriate ways in class. These behaviors may be due to different causes and can often be treated successfully in psychotherapy.

Family Therapy
Children and adolescents can exhibit bouts of anger and even rage or destructive behavior, which can be aimed at siblings, parents, friends or others. Parents may feel overwhelmed, frightened and concerned about their child’s angry and/ or impulsive behavior and feel at a loss as how to deal with it. A consultation with a therapist is helpful in such instances. Often therapy for the child or adolescent, as well as parent counseling is helpful. Children and adolescents may become involved with substances and require specialized substance abuse treatment, individual therapy and family therapy.



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